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Missing Animals - how to guide them home

I'd love to share a few things I've learnt after assisting with missing animal cases. It is of course so important to act quickly and follow all practical advice. I have written this to assist from another perspective.

When you call for your animal it's important to call in a calm inviting manner, the usual sweet voice you'd use and not with desperation or urgency they pick up on this and it could make them wary of coming to you. They can pick up on what we are thinking and feeling so I understand its difficult in these circumstances, but it's so important for the household to stay calm and to keep picturing a positive outcome. Keep picturing them coming home to you safely with a feeling of love and gratitude, not desperation. They can pick up on this energy.

There are two lovely meditations one can do to guide an animal back home. You must be in your house they went missing from. You want to be calm, take a few deep breaths and then when you feel grounded imagine a beautiful golden coil extending from your solar plexus to their solar plexus and you slowly, gently, lovingly draw that coil back to you. This energetically guides them home.

The other is you imagine a beautiful beam of white light shining from the middle of your home, up through the ceiling, up to the sky, to the heavens with the intention that this light guides them home. Ask your animal in your heart to follow this beam of light. I've had success with these meditations alone. Of course its important to follow all the other advice like looking in different places, getting neighbours to check their garages, gardens and homes. Putting your animals photo with a description of their most distinguishing features on social media and flyers (not everyone is on social media). Physically go and knock on neighbours doors, ask them to keep an eye out for your animal. For cats searching at night and early morning when it is quiet and they are most active.

When we ask them to come 'home' it's so important to picture where home is. It's with you and any other animals in the house. This is particularly important if there has been a recent move.

If it were my animal I'd also my other animals in spirit to help guide them home. You can picture them surrounded by beautiful white light of divine protection so they may come to no harm and your other animals that have passed on guarding them and guiding them back to you safely.

Photo of beloved Bandit and Cutie who have assisted many lost animals from spirit.

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