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Love from the other side - messages from animals in spirit

I've been wanting to write this for some time and I have been guided by many beautiful animal souls that have passed over to do so.

I speak from my own experience and with the guidance of the animals. I've had some heartbreakingly beautiful cases where animals have continued to love, guide and help their guardians from the light.

The first thing an animal that has passed shows me is the most beautiful all encompassing white light. A light that brings an incredible sense of peace, joy, love and belonging. The kind of love and joy that feels like it's going to burst from your chest. I often feel tactless when I connect to an animal when their person is grieving, because I cannot help but laugh and smile because it's so beautiful and joyful in the light.

The animals always wish to share this beautiful feeling with their guardians and ask me to show them they are at peace and their bodies are healed. They will often show me where they were injured, how they passed and indicate that they are perfectly fine now and feeling great. I've even had a little daschund show me they could be very tall now and said they were a big dog while showing me what looked like a dobermans body

Your animals still connect with you after they have passed, they know your pain, they know you love and miss them. They want you to be happy, healthy, balanced and peaceful. They hate to see their people distressed. For the sake of your beloved animals that have passed please remember to breathe. Grief is stored in the lungs and the simple act of taking a deep conscious breath can help us clear that heavy feeling in our chests. Grief is necessary, it is normal and it is to be respected. Deep, heartwrenching grief for a beloved animal is valid even if society does not always see animals as equals to humans (this is changing and may it continue to shift). Please know you are not alone in your sorrow, your beloved animal is always with you. Often our grief consumes us and it blocks us from connecting and seeing the signs from our loved ones. They will do their best to get through to you to let you know they are there. You may feel their presence, smell them, hear them or find feathers, leaves, see flying insects, birds or even your other animals acting like the one who passed. Just know and trust that they are connecting with you and of course its them! Trust your instincts, the animals have told me countless times that their person feels them but they doubt themselves. You can ask them to show you a sign and be open to receive.

Often when I connect with animals that have passed over they will share things that have happened in their guardians life since their passing. They share this to show that they are still connected and looking out for their loved ones. From one dog commenting on the green smoothies his mom started making to a cats family that had completely revamped their home to others acknowledging new family members with love and appreciation. I've never had an animal feel like they were being replaced by their person welcoming a new animal family member into their home. Often our new animals are sent by our animals that have come before. They want you to feel the love again, they want you to be happy, they want you to open your heart when you are ready.

Passed over sessions always leave me in awe of the love animals have for their families. With permission from them and their guardians I'd love to share a few stories.

A dear young dog had been having some behavioural issues. His guardians showed endless patience, dedication and understanding in helping him. I had met him in life and was devastated to hear that he had passed from a heart attack completely out of the blue. His guardians asked for a session to connect with him after his passing. They had many questions, he came back with the answer that "love is the answer to all of your questions", the purpose, the reason, the why was "unconditional love". He and his people had learnt, shown and practiced this unconditional love despite the many difficulties they had in their time together. That was his purpose in this lifetime to feel, experience and show unconditional love and to teach this to his guardians.

Another dog had passed unexpectedly. When we had our session he mentioned his guardian had been decorating her wall and he sent his approval. Turns out it was a memorial wall for him. He asked that his mom please get a big white column candle and put it there. He was very specific, not a tealight candle! He asked her to hold her hands over it, then light it with intention and then he will put his big paw print on the candle. He showed me very specifically a big pawprint on the white candle. His guardian then shared with me that she had just found out that the vet didn't manage to take his pawprints as she had requested. Her darling dog knew this and showed her another way she could have his print, even if just energetically.

A beautiful unicorn of a horse recently shared his last wishes with me. I have had the honour of meeting him a few times in person and he is the most magnificent, wise, proud, powerful being. We spoke about assisting him to cross over, then he asked his family to memorialise him in the special winding, twisting tree. We took a few minutes to understand where this tree was. At his stables, no. At his previous home, no. Then there was surprise when he said the tree was at their home as he had never been there. But his loving family confirmed there was such a tree there and two beloved animals had also been honoured there. Of course he will get his wish.

I am constantly in awe of the animals' wisdom, knowing, kindness, compassion and love. I have never met an animal that was afraid of death, to them it is a necessary part of life and the next step. It is us humans that view death as a finality, as an ending. Love transcends time and space, it is limitless and it is our shared love with our animals that keeps us connected even when we shift from our physical forms.

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