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Working through past trauma with Linden Blossom

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely girl today. In the session she brought up fear of men from her past so I started offering different oils for trauma. She showed the most interest in linden blossom so I left the bottle out near where she was sitting. She sniffed then walked around the room as we chatted further about some of the difficult memories she had before coming to her family. She then came to lay with the bottle between her legs and sniffed deeply for a few minutes as we let go of the heavy memories. When she was done she got up and we finished the session. Before I packed up I double checked that she had had enough of the oil and she ignored it, obviously satisfied.

I love how gently she was able to work with the linden blossom and how clear she was about what and how much she needed.

Linden blossom is a gentle oil that's usually selected by those with trust issues, past trauma and particularly fear of men. It smells a bit like honey and has a calming effect. It's one of my favourites and invaluable in sessions.

*this bottle was actually empty, but kept the lovely scent so it was safe to leave out without concern for being knocked over.

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