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Animals are highly intelligent, perceptive, thinking and feeling beings. My clients are often surprised by how much their animals know, feel and sense about them, their feelings, worries and fears. They do not even have to be physically with you in order to pick up what you, as their beloved guardian, are feeling. For example, if a guardian decides to go away for a week and worries about their cat, Fluffy, at home with a cat sitter, then Fluffy is going to keep feeling this worry and end up feeling worried herself.

In order for there to be peace and calm in our homes we really need to take ownership of our own feelings; our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state. If we are feeling stressed or out of balance, we will affect those around us, particularly those most connected to us and those most sensitive to energy. When we work on our own healing and feel a sense of calm within ourselves, this benefits our animals. Our animals are often our biggest teachers and much of what they teach is joy, unconditional love and to be fully present in the moment. Animals love it when we are focused on them, playing a game or telling them how beautiful they are, without our thoughts wandering off to work, grocery lists or other things we need to do.

Of course we must also work with our animals to provide them with the best love, care, enrichment and help when needed. However, if we are working with an anxious cat, Fluffy, and only focus on her anxiety without considering that her guardian is also highly anxious and overworked, then it is unlikely that Fluffy will calm down and find balance until her person does.

We must consider our animals wants, needs and desires, but also our impact on their wellbeing. This week has been filled with animals that have have been particularly connected to their people. It has been an honour to impart their feelings, wisdom and advice to their guardians. There was even a cat in spirit that advised her guardian to please not mask their pain in the right side and to keep their appointment with their doctor. My client confirmed that they had been in a lot of pain and had cancelled the appointment with their specialist, but had recently made a new one and was dreading it. I'm convinced their cat inspired them to book the new appointment and was determined for them to keep it.

When I scan an animals' energy field I sometimes find energy that does not belong to them, they are holding it for someone else. This is common with animals like horses, that we quite literally sit on. I have picked up energy around certain vertebra in horses' spines that have corresponded to injuries that their riders have experienced. My own horse, Jack, used to struggle with his digestive system and every effort I made to support him made little difference. Only after I addressed my own stomach pain and digestive issues did his get better. Now neither of us have any digestive issues.

I have had unexplained heart, liver, digestive and other organ energy come up during a session, when I pick up that this does not belong to the particular animal I ask who in the household has this condition. Often the animal is holding it for another animal or family member. I recently had two dogs from the same family bring up a sore left ear until we realised they had brought it up because one of their dog family member had a sore left ear at that moment that I had not yet connected with. Similarly they can hold strong emotions for their family members such as grief. This often comes up when guardians are grieving for a family member even if the animal had never met the person that had passed on.

I had the pleasure of seeing a young, yet wise and deeply feeling horse this week. She spoke of everyday things then gave me the most overwhelming wave of emotions, concern for her person, love and a deep worry and compassion for her pain. She gave me the feeling of where the pain was and her guardian confirmed it was hers. Her guardian reminded me that I usually pick up unbalanced energy for this area on her horse and then I remembered that the horse consistently selected remedies to balance it. Again this happened in this week's session. I grew concerned for the horse, I was worried about her taking on this energy and asked her to please make sure she was grounding this energy through her feet and not letting it fester in her body. I was immediately met with a "piss off" from her and to mind my place. This is not a rude horse, she was incredibly clear and I had overstepped. She explained that she and her guardian were contracted to hold each others energies until they both were healed. I cried from the depth, purity, love and deep soul connection this horse shares with her person. I thanked her for the lesson and apologised. When I apologised again later she was annoyed with me for the repetition! I hope in time they both feel so much better.

Obviously there are many things outside our control, but as long as we keep working towards our own balance, peace, healing and follow our joy then we will have a positive impact on our animals. Even more than that when we radiate peace, joy, harmony and love it is a gift to those in our home, those in our communities and actually the whole of nature, because we are also a part of nature. To put it simply being in this state is how we change not only the energy in our own home, but its our contribution to the world.

Meditation for peace in the home:

Sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet space where you will remain undisturbed.

Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Imagine beautiful roots extending down from the base of your spine and they gently move down through the layers of the earth until you reach a depth that feels right for you. Feel the beautiful grounding energy of the earth flow gently up these roots until it enters your body. Feel this grounding energy flow throughout your entire body.

Now feel your crown chakra gently opening and feel a column of white light gently shining down from the sky, from the heavens, from source through the ceiling down through your crown. Feel this beautiful white light energy enter your body as it connects you to all that is.

Feel your heart chakra gently opening and imagine beaming white light to every area of your body, starting at your toes, working your way up until you feel a radiant sense of peace.

Now extend this beautiful peaceful, loving white light to the room you are in. Then the next rooms and the next until you radiate this peace throughout your entire home.

Now feel your animals around you and send them each light, feel the calm, loving energy flow through you to your animals.

When it feels right, bring yourself back to the present moment, back to the room with a sense of trust that this feeling of loving peace with be with you, your animals and your home.

You can repeat this mediation as often as is necessary. Its important to trust and let the light flow.

* My darling Penny, who always knows when I am in need of her beautiful healing energy.

My darling Penny cat closes her eyes in a sunbeam
Penny who always radiates love

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I've been wanting to write this for some time and I have been guided by many beautiful animal souls that have passed over to do so.

I speak from my own experience and with the guidance of the animals. I've had some heartbreakingly beautiful cases where animals have continued to love, guide and help their guardians from the light.

The first thing an animal that has passed shows me is the most beautiful all encompassing white light. A light that brings an incredible sense of peace, joy, love and belonging. The kind of love and joy that feels like it's going to burst from your chest. I often feel tactless when I connect to an animal when their person is grieving, because I cannot help but laugh and smile because it's so beautiful and joyful in the light.

The animals always wish to share this beautiful feeling with their guardians and ask me to show them they are at peace and their bodies are healed. They will often show me where they were injured, how they passed and indicate that they are perfectly fine now and feeling great. I've even had a little daschund show me they could be very tall now and said they were a big dog while showing me what looked like a dobermans body

Your animals still connect with you after they have passed, they know your pain, they know you love and miss them. They want you to be happy, healthy, balanced and peaceful. They hate to see their people distressed. For the sake of your beloved animals that have passed please remember to breathe. Grief is stored in the lungs and the simple act of taking a deep conscious breath can help us clear that heavy feeling in our chests. Grief is necessary, it is normal and it is to be respected. Deep, heartwrenching grief for a beloved animal is valid even if society does not always see animals as equals to humans (this is changing and may it continue to shift). Please know you are not alone in your sorrow, your beloved animal is always with you. Often our grief consumes us and it blocks us from connecting and seeing the signs from our loved ones. They will do their best to get through to you to let you know they are there. You may feel their presence, smell them, hear them or find feathers, leaves, see flying insects, birds or even your other animals acting like the one who passed. Just know and trust that they are connecting with you and of course its them! Trust your instincts, the animals have told me countless times that their person feels them but they doubt themselves. You can ask them to show you a sign and be open to receive.

Often when I connect with animals that have passed over they will share things that have happened in their guardians life since their passing. They share this to show that they are still connected and looking out for their loved ones. From one dog commenting on the green smoothies his mom started making to a cats family that had completely revamped their home to others acknowledging new family members with love and appreciation. I've never had an animal feel like they were being replaced by their person welcoming a new animal family member into their home. Often our new animals are sent by our animals that have come before. They want you to feel the love again, they want you to be happy, they want you to open your heart when you are ready.

Passed over sessions always leave me in awe of the love animals have for their families. With permission from them and their guardians I'd love to share a few stories.

A dear young dog had been having some behavioural issues. His guardians showed endless patience, dedication and understanding in helping him. I had met him in life and was devastated to hear that he had passed from a heart attack completely out of the blue. His guardians asked for a session to connect with him after his passing. They had many questions, he came back with the answer that "love is the answer to all of your questions", the purpose, the reason, the why was "unconditional love". He and his people had learnt, shown and practiced this unconditional love despite the many difficulties they had in their time together. That was his purpose in this lifetime to feel, experience and show unconditional love and to teach this to his guardians.

Another dog had passed unexpectedly. When we had our session he mentioned his guardian had been decorating her wall and he sent his approval. Turns out it was a memorial wall for him. He asked that his mom please get a big white column candle and put it there. He was very specific, not a tealight candle! He asked her to hold her hands over it, then light it with intention and then he will put his big paw print on the candle. He showed me very specifically a big pawprint on the white candle. His guardian then shared with me that she had just found out that the vet didn't manage to take his pawprints as she had requested. Her darling dog knew this and showed her another way she could have his print, even if just energetically.

A beautiful unicorn of a horse recently shared his last wishes with me. I have had the honour of meeting him a few times in person and he is the most magnificent, wise, proud, powerful being. We spoke about assisting him to cross over, then he asked his family to memorialise him in the special winding, twisting tree. We took a few minutes to understand where this tree was. At his stables, no. At his previous home, no. Then there was surprise when he said the tree was at their home as he had never been there. But his loving family confirmed there was such a tree there and two beloved animals had also been honoured there. Of course he will get his wish.

I am constantly in awe of the animals' wisdom, knowing, kindness, compassion and love. I have never met an animal that was afraid of death, to them it is a necessary part of life and the next step. It is us humans that view death as a finality, as an ending. Love transcends time and space, it is limitless and it is our shared love with our animals that keeps us connected even when we shift from our physical forms.

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I'd love to share a few things I've learnt after assisting with missing animal cases. It is of course so important to act quickly and follow all practical advice. I have written this to assist from another perspective.

When you call for your animal it's important to call in a calm inviting manner, the usual sweet voice you'd use and not with desperation or urgency they pick up on this and it could make them wary of coming to you. They can pick up on what we are thinking and feeling so I understand its difficult in these circumstances, but it's so important for the household to stay calm and to keep picturing a positive outcome. Keep picturing them coming home to you safely with a feeling of love and gratitude, not desperation. They can pick up on this energy.

There are two lovely meditations one can do to guide an animal back home. You must be in your house they went missing from. You want to be calm, take a few deep breaths and then when you feel grounded imagine a beautiful golden coil extending from your solar plexus to their solar plexus and you slowly, gently, lovingly draw that coil back to you. This energetically guides them home.

The other is you imagine a beautiful beam of white light shining from the middle of your home, up through the ceiling, up to the sky, to the heavens with the intention that this light guides them home. Ask your animal in your heart to follow this beam of light. I've had success with these meditations alone. Of course its important to follow all the other advice like looking in different places, getting neighbours to check their garages, gardens and homes. Putting your animals photo with a description of their most distinguishing features on social media and flyers (not everyone is on social media). Physically go and knock on neighbours doors, ask them to keep an eye out for your animal. For cats searching at night and early morning when it is quiet and they are most active.

When we ask them to come 'home' it's so important to picture where home is. It's with you and any other animals in the house. This is particularly important if there has been a recent move.

If it were my animal I'd also my other animals in spirit to help guide them home. You can picture them surrounded by beautiful white light of divine protection so they may come to no harm and your other animals that have passed on guarding them and guiding them back to you safely.

Photo of beloved Bandit and Cutie who have assisted many lost animals from spirit.

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