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I offer in person sessions in Cape Town (within 30km of Canal Walk) and distance sessions live over Google Meet/Zoom from photo/s of your animal/s. I do not offer written sessions and only work live during consulting hours. For horses I work with one animal per session and for smaller animals like cats, dogs, birds and bunnies I work per household (up to 3/4 per session). If you have more animals and multiple behaviour, emotional or health concerns then we would need to book more than one session to address multiple issues for multiple animals. I always do my best to prioritise the main issues within a session as they come up. 

In preparing for your session I suggest you write down a few questions or the main issues you would like to address and bring these with you. Usually the animal/s will have answered these before we even ask them. We will need a quiet space where we can work uninterrupted and undisturbed. Its best to work in an area where the animal/s are calm and comfortable. Any strong emotion like stress, fear and excitement can block the animal from connecting clearly. For distance sessions the animal/s do not need to be present, all I need is a photo of each animal on their own where I can clearly see their eye/s. It is critical that a guardian is present for the full duration of the session. You are welcome to write down any information that comes up so you can remember your animal's requests as they do get upset if we make promises and do not follow through. 

In person Sessions:

In person sessions are available in Cape Town only and I work according to area within a 30km radius of Canal Walk

I charge R750 for a session including anything I leave with you. Sessions are 40mins to an hour.

Please message me directly to book an in person session (whatsapp preferred). There is a 2 month waiting period for in person sessions.


Healing Sessions:

Healing sessions are done at a distance from a photograph of your animal. I let the animal guide the session and I adjust what I do based on what they need. I will let you know what comes up for them after the session. For chronic issues I can do regular healing sessions at a reduced rate.

These sessions are R600 per animal for South African clients and $55 US for international clients.

If you would like to book a healing session please have a look at my bookings calendar

Distance Sessions:

Sessions over Zoom/Google Meet are just as effective as those in person with the same level of detail and information.

These sessions are helpful for animals that are afraid or triggered by people so they are in a calmer space to connect and not unnecessarily stressed.

I charge R600 for a session for 40mins to an hour for South African clients and $55 US for international clients.

If you would like to book an online session please have a look at my bookings calendar

I have limited evening appointments that will be available via the calendar at shorter notice when available. These sessions are charged at an after hours rate.

Follow up Sessions:

Follow up sessions can be booked for persistent health or behavioural issues within one month of the initial consult.

These sessions are online only at R400.

Sessions are 30mins.

Please send me a message to book a follow up session (whatsapp preferred).

Family Session

Behaviour Issues

If you have a behavioural problem I always recommend consulting a qualified force free behaviourist that works with positive reinforcement principles first, especially for dogs. After laying a foundation and you are still having issues or want to understand your animal better then we can set up a communication session and assist with any healing and communication the animal requires. Within two weeks after the session you are welcome to send me a short message with the animals photo should the behaviour persist and I will remind them of what we discussed. Shifting behaviour takes consistent, kind, positive reinforcement and reminding from the guardian/s and its often far more work for them than for the animal. The successful cases have all been when the guardian/s are devoted to support their animal in shifting their behaviour in a positive way and this takes time. Animals do have free will and at the end of the day they decide whether to listen or not, we cannot force them. In my experience using harsh methods, shouting and negative reinforcement only lead to fear, frustration and mistrust in the relationship.

Sick and Injured Animals

If your animal is ill please make sure you seek veterinary assistance. Animal communicators work in support of necessary veterinary care. If your animal is unwell I ask how they are feeling, we check in about pain management and if there is anything they need to feel more comfortable, balanced or more healthy. When the time comes to make decisions about your animals passing we can ask them how they wish to go, if/when they are ready and if they have any requests and messages for their guardian/s.

Passed Over Animals

I love connecting with your beloved animals that have passed on. I do ask that we wait a minimum of 21 days before connecting with an animal that has crossed over out of respect for the transition process and to allow guardians to grieve. If you are currently grieving a loved one my heart goes out  to you and I would encourage you to read my blog post here that the animals inspired me to write for their people. I connect with passed over animals from a photo, but if you do not have one it is still possible to connect with them. I do these sessions remotely over Google Meet. In the mean time please know that your beloved animal can hear you and they are with you.

Missing Animals

I do not track missing animals as I do not feel this is my strength. There are many gifted communicators that devote their lives to tracking and I have listed them below. Please click here to download my guide for missing animals. If your animal is missing it is critical that you act as quickly as possible advertising on social media, putting fliers up in your neighbourhood and going door to door. Please ask neighbours to check and preferably let you check in their gardens/sheds/garages. When you call your animal please ensure you do so in a calm, inviting tone you would usually use to get their attention. Animals easily pick up on their guardian/s emotions so its critical that you remain calm to keep your energy inviting and safe for them to return to. Its important to keep holding the expectation that they will return safely. 

Tools for Guiding your Animal Home

Golden Coil Meditation - I have had great success with this meditation alone. You must be at the home your animal went missing from and should return to to do this meditation. Find yourself in a comfortable position where you can remain calm and undisturbed. Imagine a golden coil gently extending from your solar plexus to your animal's solar plexus and that you gently, lovingly pull on this cord to guide your animal energetically towards you. You can repeat this as often as necessary with the intention and trust that it guides your animal to you.

Beam of Light - Find yourself in a comfortable position where you can remain calm and undisturbed. Imagine a beautiful beam of white light shining from the middle of your home (that your animal must return to) up high into the sky. Imagine that this beam acts as a beacon for your beloved animal to find their way home to you safely, put all your intention into the light.

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Cell: +27 73 170 4826  (Whatsapp messages preferred)  I   Email:

Cape Town, South Africa

If you would like to book an online session please have a look at my bookings calendar

If you have an animal that is unwell and/or needing end of life support please send me a message and I'll do my best to accommodate them 

There is currently a 4 week waiting period for online sessions and 2 months for in person sessions

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Consulting Hours:

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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Healing Sessions & Behaviour (dogs):

Michéle Stone I  I 

+27 82 669 1999

Michéle offers Healing Sessions for both guardians and their animals, space clearing and behaviour consults for dogs.

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Animal Communication & Zoopharmacognosy

Diane Budd I

Diane offers courses, products and consultancy to help like-minded people to understand their animals and enable natural treatment of animals with self selection.

Trackers/ Animal Communicators:

Aly I

Megan Louw I 073 229 9685

Shirley Millar I  073 476 6162  I

Gayle du Preez I  063 636 3216  I  info@heart2soulconnection

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