About Claire

MA I BA (hons)

I have loved animals ever since I can remember. When I was six years old I wanted to be a vet so I could help all the sick animals. I was obsessed with animals; loving and talking to any I came across and I was constantly drawing them from the many animal books I had. I also always seemed to befriend a cat wherever I went (and I still do!). 

Throughout my teenage years I spent my time learning from horses and I visited my local stables daily. I eventually started teaching horse riding and found this to be a wonderful avenue to teach children to love and respect all animals and nature. It was here that I met my (now) beloved horse, Jack. He is my teacher, healer and best friend and he inspired me to start my animal communication journey.

I had always understood that animals could sense exactly what we are thinking and feeling and I have taught this to my students for many years. It was only when I attended a workshop with Diane Budd that I realised I could hear them too. This was a life changing experience.

I have always loved nature and gardening so I naturally also loved Diane's Zoopharmacognosy (Self Selection) course. I now lovingly grow many of my own herbs and medicinal plants to offer animals to support their wellness. I am also a Reiki Master from the Usui System and this has been an invaluable healing tool to support my work as an Animal Communicator. The combination of physical remedies such as plants and essential oils with energy work like Reiki all the while communicating with the animal often results in profound healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I am so honoured to be able to facilitate healing for animals - it is a six year old girl's dream come true and my life's purpose. 

Jack and the ball