What People Say

"I am absolutely impressed. Not only could I see when Claire connected with my dog, but she nailed all the issues we know about, suspected and did not know about. The advice she has given to us is invaluable and no amount of money could compensate the advice given and the mental help she has given my dog, to the point I could put my dog next to our kitten and she did not shy away in fear. Thank you so much Claire, from your new fans in Thailand." - Liesel, Thailand

"Claire has just communicated with my dog Henry, who I lost in very sad circumstances at the start of the year. She gave me so much information about him that was spot on I totally believe she was able to contact him. She was able to reassure me that his passing was far less distressing for him than I had feared, and that he is now happy and fulfilled in the light. Everything she told me completely resonated and the comfort I feel is immense. I would totally recommend Claire for communication with your loved pets whether they are still with you or have passed." - Shân, USA

"Ammaaazziinnggg!!! My mind is blown, what an experience... it was so so helpful to get so much information from my new rescue puppy to make sure she was happy and settled. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who has an animal they would like guidance and help with. She’s so professional, and a lovely person to speak with. What a talent ...I’m so happy and grateful." - Annabel, UK

"Claire is an amazing Animal Communicator. She got many important information about my baby dog, his feelings, emotions and also his health in general. Everything was so accurate. But Claire went above and beyond sending energy healing to my dog and helping me also, assuring me for some personal stuff that I've been dealing lately. And I have to mention she is a loving being, full of light, that works for the best of the animal and his family. I strongly recommend to everyone that have a pet to try, at least once, her services. Thank you, Claire." - Kellen, Turkey

"Wow!! This was an amazing experience. Claire communicated with my fur baby and gave so much detail that I hadn’t mentioned to her and she was spot on with her accuracy. She also did some reiki on him, as she picked up some issues during the communication and I’m so grateful to her. This was such a special experience. Knowing what my fur baby is thinking and feeling, is such a gift and I can’t express properly how much this reading means to me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Claire!" - Linda, South Africa

"I had a lovely reading from Claire today regarding our dog Susie. She is an elderly dog, very sweet and wise. She also has developed some health issues and I was hoping Claire could connect with Susie for some insight on her state of physical health and emotional well being. We don't know how much longer Susie will be with us and we don't want to have her suffering unnecessarily. Claire was able to connect with Susie and provide us with just what we need to help her now and when her time comes to depart. I am relieved she is not suffering terribly.. and we will be using Claire's advice to help guide us in communicating with Susie ourselves. Thank you Claire! Happy to have met you." - Paula, Massachusetts USA