I offer a combination of Reiki, Animal Communication, Self Selection and Fascia Release to support your animal's health and wellbeing. I allow animals to guide the session, focusing on what they need most. I offer home visits in Cape Town, South Africa as well as internationally via Zoom.

Cutie loves catnip
Soulful Shrek

Animal Communication

Animal communication is a heart to heart connection. It is only possible if you come from a place of unconditional love. Through this connection I am able to hear, see, feel and sense what your animal wishes to share. This process is helpful for anyone who wishes to know how their animals feel. I can offer insight from the animals in situations where owners and animals are struggling to understand each other and for behavioural issues. I address past trauma, emotional and physical issues as well as any preferences and requests (these often come up). Using High Sense Perception, I see inside the animals body and get a feeling for what they are experiencing in their organs and other bodily systems. 


Animals are highly emotional, feeling beings and people are often surprised when I tell them that animals are capable of joking and even lying (although this is most common with cats!). 


I also connect to animals that have passed over. All you will need to provide is a photograph of your animal and an open mind.

A horse selecting Spirulina
A snuffly cat selecting Melissa
Fever Few


Animals have an innate ability to self select plants, clays and other natural remedies to improve their health. Macaws have been observed to eat clay to help bind dietary toxins and chimpanzees eat Aspilia plants to eliminate parasites. 

Domestic animals do not always have the option to select the plants they need and rely on their human guardians for their health. I offer a variety of herbs and essential oils to support the wellbeing of your animal friends. I have found essential oils to be particularly helpful in addressing emotional issues and past trauma.

A loving moment with Deltara
Fascia release
Poll release
Loving belly rubs
The biggest cat ever

Reiki and Bodywork

Reiki and energy work forms an integral part of my sessions both in person as well as at a distance. I am able to scan your animals energy field and clear any blockages and imbalances. I also offer Fascia release to assist animals in releasing trauma, scars and tension. I constantly check in with the animal and always let them guide their session.