Commission a Portrait


I work from your own high resolution photographs. For a guide on how to take the best photographs click here.

The first step is choosing the photograph/s to be used as a reference. Then you need to pick a size (A5, A4, A3, A2). The best size usually depends on the number of animals to be included in the portrait as well as your budget. Full body portraits can be created from A4 size for a single subject and from A3 for multiple subjects. As A5 drawings are so small they are suited to capturing just a single subject's head.

All portraits are completed using high quality coloured pencils that are archival. I recommend that you provide a few additional photographs of your beloved pet so I can really capture their character in the portrait (the additional photographs do not need to be of the same standard as the reference photograph). Please email your photographs in their original size as WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms reduce the resolution.


A 50% deposit secures your spot on my waiting list. The balance is due before I start your portrait. To download my latest price list click here.

Please let me know if your portrait is a surprise and/or gift so that I know not to share the progress photographs on social media until it has been gifted.


"Thank you so much Claire for this amazing portrait bringing to life my special girl! Your art is beyond beautiful and truly captured the essence of my Kitara! Can't recommend you enough and this is nothing short of exquisite! I cannot wait to use you again!" - Melissa